When Should You Start Using Neuromodulators?

When Should You Start Using Neuromodulators?

Throughout my practice, I am often asked what the appropriate age is to begin receiving neuromodulator treatments (better known under their brand names: Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®). The answer regarding neuromodulators is not what most expect.

People naturally tend to believe that the best time to begin using these wrinkle-reducers is later on in life, but the fact of the matter is that the ideal time to begin using neuromodulators can range quite significantly from person to person.

My beautiful clients range in age from early twenties to well into their seventies. Genetics, along with some other lifestyle factors, result in some being prime candidates in their early twenties, whereas others can put it off for much longer.

What is important to keep in mind is that neuromodulators, which work to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, work even better when employed as a measure to prevent further or deeper lines/wrinkles.

I personally started using neuromodulators when I was 26 years old when I noticed that my forehead lines were beginning to deepen, and now I top up every 3-4 months. I started by using these wrinkle-fighting agents around my forehead and eyes. You can also benefit from the many other additional uses these solutions are effective for on other ‘off-label’ areas such as bunny lines by the nose, treating gummy smiles, platysma bands in the neck and my latest favourite – the DOA muscle (which lifts the corner of the lips).

So – back to the big question – when should YOU start using neuromodulators?

What I tell every client of mine is to first assess your face both at rest and while making different expressions and determine what bothers you or which areas you feel could use a little more love. If, for example, your frown lines are light and not a major concern for you, then you may decide to forego this treatment. However, for those with more advanced lines and formed wrinkles, this treatment can work wonders to help soften the look of your face and prevent further deepening of those lines. At the end of the day the aim of cosmetic treatments is to make you feel good; so focus on the areas that you feel need attention.

When your face is resting (expressionless), do you notice soft static lines or possibly even some deeper lines? If yes, then that would be a clear sign for most to consider starting. These lines you are seeing are the outcome of simply using your face and generating expressions, which slowly results in the breakdown of collagen at the creases. Constant movements in your face make it impossible for new collagen to plump up and correct the area; resulting in visible lines at rest.

Explore all options of why it might make sense for you to be treated, and which areas need attention. Going in for a consultation before diving in is always highly recommended. Not every person has a textbook about the anatomy of the face (but I can lend you mine if you’d like). Likewise, not everyone has a textbook anatomy, so seeking professional advice is necessary.

Remember, with this treatment you can always add more if needed, but you cannot take away. If you’ve been over-injected, you’ll be playing the waiting game until it wears off. I suggest that first-timers ease into the treatment. Try one area at first, such as around the eyes, make sure you follow the post-care instructions and that you like the feeling. Once you freeze your forehead, there’s no going back, you’ll need to wait it out.

Also, you do not have to be completely frozen! Any experienced injector should be able to tell and pick up cues with respect to whether their client wants zero movement or natural movements. Much of this comes down to the person administering the agent.

So, whether you’re 26 years old or 66 years old the answer to the question of when to begin is entirely up to you!

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