Your nose and cheeks.

Non-surgical nose and cheek augmentation to enhance the inner you.

Nose Tip Lift

Just by lifting the tip of the nose, a patient can achieve a commonly desired straight profile.

A droopy appearance can occur when a person is in a relaxed position. Also, some individuals might seek correction to fix a nose that curves down when they smile. The Nose Tip Lift procedure can be done by invasive surgery or with Neuromodulators (BOTOX COSMETIC® or DYSPORT®) as well as nose filler that temporarily lifts the nose tip. We vote for non-invasive rhinoplasty!

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Cheek Augmentation

A cheek augmentation helps define and sculpt the cheekbones while improving the structural balance of the face. It’s a procedure that can you can benefit from at any age―younger individuals that are looking to enhance their face and also mature patients who suffer volume loss in the cheeks due to aging.

To perform the cheek augmentation, we inject dermal filler to fill the area. It is a relatively simple procedure, which restructures the area of the cheekbones and revitalizes the facial features.

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Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation

The non-surgical nose augmentation is a non-invasive rhinoplasty that eliminates bumps and ridges. For patients seeking a more uniform profile, our non surgical nose job approach is a dream come true since the procedure effectively removes any pain and discomfort that invasive surgery typically produces.

Essentially, the nurse injects nose filler and/or Botox to change the shape of the nose―achieving similar results to traditional surgery.

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