Your lips and mouth.

A fullness, balance and body to your lips for a softer, sexier look that you desire.

Smile lines & Smoker-lines

Wrinkles or lines around the lips are characteristic of aged skin. It is inevitable; the skin surrounding the mouth, creases, and folds due to recurrent movements, and these lines become permanent. However, habits such as unprotected exposure to the sun and smoking (more mouth movements) aggravate the lines over time.

These lines extend from each corner of the mouth, up to the nose, and back towards the chin, aging us. To enhance the skin around the mouth, lip fillers can restore volume and reduce folds around the areas. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy can also be used as part of either a preventative approach or to restore volume naturally.

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Gummy Smile

A beautiful smile boosts anyone’s confidence, and it’s not just a matter of perfectly aligned teeth―the gum also plays its part in the equation. A gummy smile, the type that exposes a vast amount of the upper gum, is not considered an attractive feature. Many people, conscious of their overexposed gum tissue, end up covering their mouths or not smiling at all.

Get your smile and confidence back with BOTOX COSMETIC® or DYSPORT®, reducing the movement in the upper lip, thus, preventing it from retracting and exposing a significant amount of gum tissue!

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Lip Enhancements

Studies suggest that our lips are one of the most seductive features of our face. Now, we might not be genetically blessed with the perfect symmetry and volume that Angelina Jolie has but we can improve the overall appearance of the lips by delivering a natural look with lip injections and fillers. Our non-invasive procedure will leverage fillers to plump up and shape the lips, for a fuller, radiant pout.

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