Your forehead and eyes.

From forehead and frown lines to crows feet or a brow lift we have a preventative approach to restore youth naturally.

Under Eye Hollows
Forehead/Frown Lines
Crow’s Feet
Brow Lift

Under eye hollows

When the area under the eyes loses volume and the skin quality changes, the result is a dark hollow area, commonly known as those dreadful ‘dark circles’ or ‘raccoon eyes.’

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Forehead / frown lines

Frown lines (vertical wrinkles close to the eyebrows) and forehead lines (horizontal) are caused by aging, forehead movement, and environmental conditions.

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Crow’s feet

The wrinkles around the eyes that are exacerbated when we smile are called Crow’s Feet lines. Even at a young age, you might begin to notice these lines.

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Brow lift

A brow lift is administered at the tail of the brow, which allows for the temporal muscle to help lift, giving a wider eye appearance. A Toronto brow lift is ideal for clients who feel they may have naturally droopy lids or someone who is looking for a more lifted brow.

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