The Skinny on ‘Facial Slimming’ (Jawline Reduction)

Facial slimming is available at Revel Medical Beauty Club.

Today, I want to cast a light on one of my favourite treatments that I find there is generally less aware of. Masseter reduction, also known as facial slimming or jawline reduction, is a treatment performed using the wrinkle-reducing agent Botox® that works to reduce the prominence of the masseter muscle that sometimes results in a wider or more square facial shape. Although there is nothing wrong with a strong looking jaw, some men and women prefer a slimmer, more contoured jawline. As the before and after photos of my beautiful clients’ show, the results can be drastic.

This treatment helps to slim the appearance of the face, as the injection relaxes the jaw muscles and softens the masseter muscles in the lateral jaw to achieve a more V-line shape―this is a non-surgical approach that is performed entirely with injections.

The masseter muscles are located on both sides of your face, near the rear of your jawline, and are mostly put to work with activities such as chewing food. In some cases, these muscles can grow quite large, resulting in that box-shaped look.

In my own experience, constant clenching resulted in not only a stronger jaw profile but also hairline fractures in my back molars that resulted in painful dental work. So, this treatment not only worked to improve the appearance of my face but also aided in reducing jaw pain and temporal headaches.

Jawline Reduction: the Procedure

Jawline Slimming 3

Results are typically seen 2-3 weeks post-treatment and can last anywhere between 6-12 months depending on the individual’s characteristics – everyone is different. Even after the product wears off, the masseter muscles will appear slimmer for a period due to the lack of usage; and will take time to regrow to their initial size.

Most clients require 40-80 units and can be treated in just one visit, but some with thicker, stronger masseter muscles may require up to 2-3 treatments for optimal results. As always, I recommend easing into it, starting with a minimal amount, assessing the results, and adding more if needed until you achieve your sought-after results.

Also – as with all injectable treatments – the aim is a symmetrical appearance, which an experienced injector should always be conscious of achieving. Each side of the jaw is isolated, and a balanced approach should be taken to ensure your frontal profile is not lopsided.

So, whether you’re looking to achieve a slimmer frontal profile, or looking for solutions to non-cosmetic-related issues such as teeth clenching or grinding, then the masseter reduction treatment may be a great solution for you!

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