Chin Fat Reduction: Say Goodbye to That Double Chin

Revel Medical Beauty Club offers chin fat reduction treatments.

Throughout the years of performing cosmetic injectables, I have administered hundreds of deoxycholic acid injections to dissolve the submental fullness (fat) under people’s faces – otherwise known as the much-dreaded DOUBLE CHIN. The chin fat reduction results are generally amazing. If you’ve ever accidentally turned on the reverse camera on your phone and were surprised at what you saw, keep reading.

With a natural phobia of anyone touching or coming close to my ticklish neck, I waited years to finally test out this treatment to remove that stubborn fat from under my own chin. Although I absolutely hated the inflammation period which lasts between 3-14 days (that’s right – your chin fat first swells up, even more, post-treatment), the results were so great that I really wish I hadn’t waited so long. Even after one treatment, everything felt tighter and the area beneath my face displayed a much flatter and sculpted look.

So, for those of you considering the chin fat reduction treatment, you’re probably wondering what you can expect. An initial consultation is definitely necessary, as not everyone is an ideal candidate.

Deoxycholic acid is the product used to perform this treatment, but don’t worry, it’s less terrifying than it sounds. It works by dissolving the fat cells in that area through a series of shallow injections. On average, a patient receives approximately twenty injections per treatment. These injections are generally hardly felt.

Then comes the swelling. The injection area will swell up; peaking approximately 24 hours post-treatment, and slowly dissipating over a period that averages 3-14 days. This occurs because the product is breaking down fat cells, and some of the volume is simply due to the solution itself, so in other words, swelling actually indicates that the solution is working to dissolve the fat. Trust me, this isn’t a treatment you want to do the day before performing your bridesmaid’s duties.

Over the days and weeks following the treatment, inflammation and numbness subside as the fat cells and solution itself slowly become metabolized and processed through your body’s natural metabolic pathway.

The number of chin fat reduction treatments can vary depending on the amount of submental fullness and your goals.

To conclude, if you can get over the downtime and a bit of swelling, the end goal is worth it. Hello, jawline!

Chin Fat Reduction: Say Goodbye to That Double Chin!

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